gray firedog smell proof bag

Best Smell Proof Bags For Provide Privacy

A smell proof bag gives you control over your social environment.  

ozchin smell proof stash bag

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You shouldn’t walk into a room and immediately have the intense odor of cannabis announce your arrival.  Invading a shared social space with a strong odor? That can rightly be perceived as rude.

Besides, what you have in your bag is nobody’s business but your own.

A smell proof bag that really works can be a critical asset in a world where people have differing opinions on cannabis and CBD.

Ok. The need for the right smell proof bag is pretty clear.

Let’s set some criteria then find bags that satisfy those needs.

Your bag needs to be:

  • completely smell-proof
  • look cool
  • priced well
  • delivered quickly

The reviewed bags below are available on Amazon with Prime shipping.

Let’s check them out.

scene with friends rolling cannabis cigarettes

Review Criteria

I spent 6 hours compiling this review.

  • I read reviews across the web
  • I searched major forums for real experiences (positive or crappy)
  • I bought and tried the best three smell proof bags. (I kept the Ozchin and Skunk Urban Warrior for myself and gave away the Firedog to a friend)

Does It Pass The Skunk Test?


To test the bags, I stuffed each bag with some of my very own homegrown CBD flowers (that’s my plant in the video above).  Then  I went and stood in line at Starbucks, the grocery store, and the bank to see if anyone picked up the scent of cannabis flower.


Here’s what I found:

Ozchin Smell Proof Bag

The Ozchin smell proof bag is my #1 choice for storing cannabis, CBD flower, or hemp.  This bag is lined with high-quality activated carbon and will keep-in even the skunkiest scents.


Video: Ozchin Bag Demo



This is the only bag that made me feel 100% confident while waiting in line at the bank.  I came within inches of the bank manager who was greeting customers and he didn’t pause or look in my direction twice.

inside compartments for pipe holder or concentrate storage

The Ozchin smell-proof handbag also comes with a variety of customizable and cushioned dividers that make for a good pipe holder space or special compartments to keep concentrates.

 Price: $28.99 (Check For Sale Price)

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Firedog Smell Proof Bag

Four colors of firedog smell proof bag are gray, red, tan and black

I really liked the Firedog pocket-sized smell proof bag. It’s a good bag for the price plus it looks and feels cool too.  The material is sort of like leather (but not) and its dimensions make it perfect for stuffing in your pocket.  It does a good job of holding even the strongest odors.

firedog smell proof bag concealing pipe odor

With its size and price, the firedog is perfect for a beach day or a hike.  Sand won’t stick to it or get caught in the zipper. The rolling velcro seal at the top works well and sooner or later all zippers always break so this way of sealing your smell proof bag adds some redundancy and extra reliability.  Reliability becomes a big issue especially when you get your bag outside and into an active setting like hiking.  If you don’t like the red, there are multiple colors available.

Price: $10.99 (Check For Sale Price)

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Skunk Urban Warrior Smell Proof Case


The Skunk smell proof case is my pick for storing your hemp during outdoor activities.  This smell proof bag is private enough to get you through the line at Starbucks in the morning without any funny looks and durable enough to make it through a full day of weekend activities.  This bag has useful straps that connect the bag to a belt or bike.  I actually keep this bag on my bike at all times.  As with the other bags above, the Skunk bag did a competent job of concealing the odor of my beastiest hemp flower.

Price: $35.00 (Check For Sale Price)

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