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CBD Antibiotic Benefits: Staph And Listeria Bacteria

When CBD is used with the antibiotic bacitracin, treatment of resistant Staph and Listeria bacteria becomes 64 times more effective, according to a 2020 medical study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

This is an important finding because first line antibiotics are becoming useless against life threatening Staph and listeria bacteria. While CBD benefits for anxiety and pain relief are well known, CBD also has important antimicrobial properties. In this new study you’ll see how CBD may benefit skincare, scar healing, and wound care.

This 2020 medical study was conducted with a common antibiotic called bacitracin. Bacitracin is a first line antibiotic used to treat minor skin conditions, scrapes, and cuts.

Learn how:

  • CBD makes bacitracin 64 fold more effective against life threatening bacteria
  • CBD antibiotic benefits may help skincare

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CBD is a helper compound against gram positive bacteria

Study Results

  • CBD used with bacitracin (a topical antibiotic cream) resulted in a greater than 64 fold increase in the effectiveness of bacitracin against gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus species, Listeria monocytogenes, and Enterococcus faecalis. Each type of bacteria that the bacitracin and CBD combination was effective against is a common and potentially deadly human pathogen (1).
    cannabidiol antibacterial results
  • The addition of CBD to bacitracin had a synergistic effect which helped the antibiotic to more effectively kill drug-resistant bacteria strains (2).

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cbd makes antibiotic 64 times more effective against drug resistant bacteria


  • The findings of this study suggest that CBD is an effective “helper compound” for killing gram-positive bacteria (3).


  • Because less antibiotic is needed to effectively treat infections when helper compounds like CBD are employed, the risk of developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria is decreased (4).


cannabidiol antibiotic benefit

CBD Antibiotic Synergy

  • To determine the synergistic antibiotic effects of bacitracin (BAC) and CBD, a time-kill assay was performed to test whether or not CBD actually increased the effectiveness of bacitracin (5).


  • There was no synergistic effect for CBD and bacitracin against gram-negative bacterias such as Pseudomonas aeruginosaSalmonella typhimuriumKlebsiella pneumoniae, and Escherichia coil.                         



  • Difficulty treating drug-resistant bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus has sparked a search for new antibiotic compounds and treatment strategies (6).

cbd antibiotic treatment

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