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2020 CBD Research

CBD may be more effective than Colgate or Oral B?


nih medical study

New CBD Study Published January 29, 2020

cbd research results


Latest findings: In lab tests, cannabidiol (CBD), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) were more effective at reducing plaque-causing oral bacteria than either Oral B or Colgate (1). 

nih dental study

How does CBD work: Cannabinoids have antibacterial properties which appear to be effective antibacterial agents against dental plaque-associated bacteria (2).  

nih medical study

nih medical study

cannabidiol study results graph

Our summary: It has been known for some time that one of the dental care benefits of cannabinoids like CBD is their antibacterial properties.  This study tests how effective cannabinoids are at killing dental plaque-associated bacteria compared to common over the counter oral hygiene products Oral B and Colgate (3).



cbd dental care


  • 6 patient groups were created based on Dutch periodontal screening index
  • dental plaque samples were collected from 60 adults aged 18-45
  • samples were treated with either CBG, CBD, CBC, CBN, CBGA, “Cannabite-F”, “Oral B” or “Colgate”
  • samples were incubated to grow bacterial cultures
  • plaque-causing bacterial colonies were counted after the incubation period (4)

nih medical study

Evaluation: Cannabinoids were more effective at reducing plaque-causing bacterial colonies than the synthetic oral care products Oral B and Colgate.


cannabinoids dental hygiene

Conclusion:  “Cannabinoids have the potential to be used as an effective antibacterial agent against dental plaque-associated bacteria. Moreover, it provides a safer alternative for synthetic antibiotics to reduce the development of drug resistance.” (5)


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Study Authors:

Veronica Stahl

Dentistry, Euro Dent Belgium, Mortsel, BEL


 Kumar Vasudevan

Genetics, Cannibite, Antwerp, BEL

Keywords: antibacterial; cannabinoids; dental plaque; oral care products; personalized dental care


Stahl V, Vasudevan K. Comparison of Efficacy of Cannabinoids versus Commercial Oral Care Products in Reducing Bacterial Content from Dental Plaque: A Preliminary Observation. Cureus. 2020;12(1):e6809. Published 2020 Jan 29. doi:10.7759/cureus.6809

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