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CBD Toxicity In Cats And Dogs

This study summary provides fact-based answers about the benefits of CBD for pets as well as the low potential for adverse effects.

  • learn exactly how CBD is absorbed by dogs and cats
  • learn the optimal CBD dosage tested and possible adverse effects
  • find out how dogs and cats react to CBD

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2019 Study: Safe CBD Dosage For Dogs And Cats

2019 Study: Dosing 2mg/kg oral CBD twice daily is safe and nontoxic for dogs and cats. #cbd #dogs #cats tell a friend


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Published October 19, 2019


Study Results

This study suggests that CBD is not toxic to dogs or cats. (1)

Safe CBD Dosage for Dogs and Cats

2mg/kg of oral CBD twice daily. (2)




The purpose of this new CBD research is to provide a veterinary assessment of whether it is safe to give cannabidiol to healthy adult dogs and cats. (3)


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CBD for dogs and cats has become a popular veterinary supplement without long term safety data or information about possible adverse effects. (4)


CBD veterinary adverse effects



  • The study was conducted for a period of 12 weeks.
  • 8 healthy dogs were tested.
  • 8 healthy cats were tested. (5)


cbd veterinary side effects

CBD Dosage

Both dogs and cats received 2 mg/kg total CBD concentration orally twice daily for 12 weeks. (6)


cannabidiol pet dosage


  • Testing of the animals revealed that the highest concentration of CBD in the blood occurred 1.4 hours after the CBD dose in dogs and 2 hours after the CBD dose in cats.
  • Blood tests showed no significant changes or negative effects from consuming CBD in either cats or dogs.
  • It was determined that oral CBD administered every 12 hours was not detrimental to the health of dogs or cats. (7)


cbd pet toxicity


The study did not test for potential benefits from giving CBD to cats or dogs. (8)

Adverse effects

  • The study did note that cats seem to absorb and eliminate CBD differently than dogs.
  • Some cats exhibited adverse effects including excessive licking and head shaking while the CBD was being administered. (9)


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Deabold KA, Schwark WS, Wolf L, Wakshlag JJ. Single-Dose Pharmacokinetics and Preliminary Safety Assessment with Use of CBD-Rich Hemp Nutraceutical in Healthy Dogs and Cats. Animals (Basel). 2019;9(10):832. Published 2019 Oct 19. doi:10.3390/ani9100832


Study Authors


Deabold KA

[email protected]

Department of Comparative Diagnostic Population Medicine, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine


Schwark WS

[email protected]

Department of Molecular Medicine, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

Wolf L

[email protected]

Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility, Colorado State University

Wakshlag JJ

[email protected]

Department of Clinical Sciences, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine


Keywords: cannabidiol; cat; dog; hemp; pharmacokinetics; toxicity

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