hemp extract oil made by r+r medicinal offered for sale on amazon.com

Best CBD Oil On Amazon – Review

Yes, it’s true Amazon’s policy is they don’t offer CBD for sale. But in reality, there are hundreds of CBD products for sale on Amazon with varying degrees of quality and CBD content. Independent tests show R+R Medicinals Hemp Extract 1000 mg has slightly more CBD than 1000mg advertised + it’s got CBG (for anxiety relief).

hemp extract oil made by r+r medicinal offered for sale on amazon.com

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CBG Content: R+R Hemp Extract

As a daily consumer of CBG (cannabigerol), the content in the R+R Hemp Extract was a pleasant surprise.  I never really expected to find a true full-spectrum CBD oil available on Amazon.

hemp oil and dropper

If you aren’t familiar with CBG, it’s a natural cannabinoid like CBD. It helps with a symptom of anxiety called hypervigilance. CBG is particularly good for anxiety because it moderates how serotonin and a type of adrenalin are absorbed in your central nervous system.

CBG is also known to help with pain and inflammation. In fact, a lot of people are predicting CBG is the next big target for medical study. Hemp breeders are already working on increasing CBG content via selective breeding.

forbes article about the cost of producing the cannabinoid cbg


Interested in learning more about CBG? Check out this guide to CBG benefits and recent medical studies.


CBG guide to anxiety, pain and inflammation benefits based on 2020 medical studies


CBD Content: R+R Hemp Extract

Ok, back to the actual CBD content of the R+R Hemp Extract available on Amazon.  It appears that the way companies get around Amazon’s no CBD policy is by leaving the word CBD off the label and out of the description.  Instead, they use phrases like “full phytonutrient gives a complete entourage effect that includes natural terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.”

Amazon product description for R+R Hemp extract product

As a former business owner, I know that dealing with another business’s policies can be ridiculous.  It is clearly the case the R+R is trying to give the impression that their product is packed with CBD and…it is in fact packed with CBD.  That’s what I care about as a consumer.

In a circumstance in which Amazon’s policies have created labeling confusion and has allowed less scrupulous companies to cheat people, I feel really good about R+R operating in the most transparent way they can.

Amazon Comments (click to enlarge)

customer comments from amazon.com where customers dispute whether or not any products on amazon contain cbd

As I’m sure every reader of this article can agree, when you’re delivering something people are buying because they’re in pain or have anxiety, you had better do your best to come through.  R+R does come through and that means a lot.

That’s the kind of company I feel good about patronizing.


Consumer Trust Signals

Amazon users give the R+R Hemp Extract 1000mg Oil an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


amazon users gave this product 4.5 stars

Amazon User Ratings By Feature

Amazon star ratings


Reddit Comments

Reddit comments regarding R+R Medicinal Products revolve mostly around whether or not this is actually CBD oil because it is sold on Amazon and, therefore, not labeled explicitly.

Representative comment:

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reddit comment stating that product looks legit but can request lab reports from company

An important issue does come up in one Reddit comment.  The commenter states he does believe the product is full-spectrum because his wife failed a home drug test for THC.  This is important to note for any customer who may be drug tested or does not want to consume THC.

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Reddit comment stating the consumers wife failed a home drug test for THC


May Contain THC

Independent lab reports show that the R+R Medicinal Hemp Extract 1000mg product contains low levels of THC.  This is implied in the product description on Amazon when the product is described as full-spectrum.  Hemp plants naturally produce THC so in a true full-spectrum product one should expect some low levels of THC to be present.   If failing a drug test would cause you distress then please consider this in your purchasing decision.

To the credit of the R+R, they are explicit about this possibility in the Safety Information section of their Amazon listing.


Benefits of THC In Hemp Oil

The vast majority of medical studies indicate that the best results from Hemp Oil for pain or anxiety relief occur when CBD and THC are taken together.  THC is a safe substance like CBD with minimal potential adverse effects, especially when taken in low doses.

While THC may be psychoactive even in low doses, CBD “regulates down” how THC is absorbed in the central nervous system.  With the high dosage of CBD and low dosage of THC present in the R+R Medicinal Hemp Oil 1000mg product, consumers would not expect psychoactive effects beyond feeling relaxed.  Each person is different and you should follow the directions of the product. Start slowly to see how you individually respond and any hemp product.

hemp extract oil made by r+r medicinal offered for sale on amazon.com

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Full Spectrum Product

Beyond the benefits of taking CBD with small amounts of THC, full-spectrum products like R+R Medicinal Hemp Extract contain terpenes.  Terpenes have many benefits for pain, inflammation, and anxiety. They are one of the most beneficial aspects of consuming a real full spectrum product like the R+R extract.

If you’re interested in the significant health benefits of terpenes you should check out this complete guide to the 16 most important terpenes you’ll find in hemp products.


ultimate terpene guide to smell taste and health benefits


Anxiety Relief Review

This is the top user review of the R+R Hemp Extract product for anxiety relief.

(Click to enlarge)

amazon customer review saying the hemp product helped customer with anxiety relief


 Pain Relief Review

This is the top user review of the R+R Hemp Extract product for pain relief.

(Click to enlarge)

amazon customer review saying the hemp product helped customer with pain relief


R+R Medicinal Hemp Extract Label Ingredients

(Click to enlarge)

the label from a bottle of R+R Hemp Extract 1000 mg


Ingredients (other than Hemp Extract) include MCT oil from coconut, natural mint flavoring, sunflower oil.

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