CBG Benefits: What’s all the buzz?

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly why CBG is so popular and how to tailor your CBG experience so you get the benefits you want.

  • Learn exactly what to expect from taking CBG.
  • Discover how CBG boosts your body’s own natural systems.
  • Find out how to shape your CBG experience and maximize it with the entourage effect.

Let’s dive in and find out the key scientific information that will unlock CBG’s potential and get you closer to your perfect CBG experience.

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Chapter 2health effects cannabigerolCBG Benefits

Chapter 3cbg for saleCBG For Sale Online?

Chapter 4compare cbd cbgCBG: How It Works

Chapter 5cbg side effectsCBG Side Effects

What is CBG?


CBG is short for cannabigerol.

It’s a compound found in high CBD hemp strains.

CBG is non-psychoactive (It won’t get you “high”).

It doesn’t cause you to fail a THC drug test.

CBG is popular right now because it has newly discovered health benefits.

Those benefits have made CBG one of the hottest topics in medical research right now.

Hemp breeders are carefully working to increase the CBG content in existing CBD strains to meet demand and bring down the price.

cbg hemp breeding

Retailers can’t keep quality CBG flower in stock.

cbg for sale

Consumer interest is turning into something of a phenomenon.

All of this is happening because CBG has strong effects on anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

So, what are CBG’s exact effects and how can you tailor them to your needs?

Let’s find out below.

Quick CBG Chemistry

CBG is known as the mother of all cannabinoids.  That’s because other cannabinoids in hemp are derived from CBGA (CBG’s acidic form).  For example, CBD (cannabidiol) starts out as the compound CBGA.  As the hemp plant matures, most CBGa gets transformed into other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. 

cbg chemistry

By the time this natural process is over, only about 1% of the original CBGA is left in the mature high CBD hemp flowers.  Whew—no more chemistry for the rest of this guide.  Promise.

cannabigerol chemistry

CBD vs. CBG:  Differences Explained

Types of CBG:

  • CBG flower (CBG buds)
  • CBG tincture (extract)
  • CBG oil (extract)
  • CBG wax (extract)
  • CBG cream
  • CBG capsules

CBG legal status:

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, CBG and CBD from hemp are legal federally.

Finally, these helpful medicines from hemp are available to everyone in the United States.

 cannabigerol legal

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CBG Benefits


Medical research into CBG health benefits kicks into high gear in 2020.

After all, there are a lot of benefits to catalog and understand.

For decades, the mechanism of action of CBG for pain, anxiety, and inflammation wasn’t studied at all.

The prohibition against hemp cultivation made it nearly impossible for respected medical institutions to study CBG medical benefits without being harassed.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, cannabinoids like CBG are starting to receive a lot of attention from the medical community.

Below is a press release distributed by the National Institutes of Health in 2019.

cannabigerol research

New research is published frequently.  Stay up-to-date on recent cannabinoid medical studies right here.

Universities and NIH researchers are moving quickly to capitalize on the health benefits of CBG.

16 new CBG medical studies were started in 2019 alone.

Looking forward to lots of exciting new results in 2020.

CBG benefits:

CBG For Pain

CBG appears to relieve pain better than THC and may be an excellent muscle relaxer as well.

cbg pain relief

Using CBG for relief of moderate pain cuts down the risk of opiate abuse.

CBG is one of the most powerful cannabinoids for pain and inflammation yet CBG is:

  • not habit-forming
  • not intoxicating
  • not addictive

While other medications currently exist for treating pain and muscle spasms, many have potentially deadly adverse effects that stop people from taking them.

cbg health benefits

CBG may be a better option for minor and moderate pain relief because of its minimal adverse effects when compared to the devastating impact traditional pharmaceuticals have had on the U.S.

CBG For Cancer

A 2014 peer-reviewed medical study showed that CBG can inhibit or slow down the growth of some colon cancer tumors.

cannabigerol health benefits

101,420 people were diagnosed with colon cancer in 2018.

cannabigerol health benefits

This news about CBG having potential benefits for colon cancer is exciting news.  

CBG For Inflammation

Research shows that cannabigerol has broad benefits from its anti-inflammatory effects.

In peer-reviewed medical studies, CBG has been shown to benefit gut inflammation diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

cbg anti-inflammatory benefit

Promising research from 2018 shows that CBG may be helpful in the chronic model of multiple sclerosis and neurodegenerative diseases.

cbg medical research

CBG has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which may act as a neuroprotectant against diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

cbg anti-inflammatory


CBG Medical Research

Research shows that cannabinoids such as CBG and CBD have benefits for glaucoma.  Cannabinoids can reduce intraocular pressure.

 cannabigerol health benefits

CBG for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Promising research shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBG are potentially helpful for those who suffer from colitis

The promising results from this research suggest that CBG should be considered for clinical trials as a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease.

cannabigerol health benefits

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CBG For Sale


You can find CBG for sale online as well as in CBD shops near you.

CBG isolate is sold online as tincture and oil.

Consider blending CBG with terpenes to increase its effect.

Terpene health benefits are similar to the health benefits of CBG and the effects of the two compounds tend to compliment each other.

Also, terpenes tend to increase the length and strength of CBG benefits through a mechanism called the “entourage effect.”

pinene benefits

Consuming full spectrum CBG products and terpenes maximizes the medical benefits of the entourage effect.

limonene cannabidiol entourage

CBG wax is an especially good source of full-spectrum CBG and terpenes.

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CBG: How Does It Work?


One of the most common questions about CBG is, “how can one organic compound have so many health benefits?”

The answer: CBG affects your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Your endocannabinoid system regulates:

  • fertility
  • pregnancy
  • mood
  • appetite
  • pain sensation
  • memory (formation and destruction)
  • sleep
  • muscle recovery
  • stress response
  • inflammation

…and that’s just some of what we know about today. 

The endocannabinoid system was discovered in 1992. 

cannabigerol health benefits

95% of doctors were never taught about this important regulatory system while in medical school. 

It’s up to you to educate yourself about the effects of your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is part of your body’s nervous system.

It is located in your brain, spine and throughout your body.

endocannabinoid system properties

The endocannabinoid system is still poorly understood.

endocannabinoid system properties

Though relatively new, it is known that the ECS is critical to maintaining good health.

Your ECS naturally uses cannabinoids as a way of sending regulatory signals in your nervous system.

Phytocannabinoids (plant cannabinoids) from high CBG hemp strains mimic the cannabinoids created by your own body.

cannabigerol effects

In fact, phytocannabinoids like CBG and CBN are so similar to the endogenous cannabinoids created by your endocannabinoid system that your body reacts to phytocannabinoids as if it made them itself.

cbg endocannabinoid system

That’s the secret to the health benefits of CBG and CBD–they act just like the regulatory chemicals that your own body makes.

That’s why they’re so powerful and effective.

CBD and CBG have powerful effects on health because they affect one of your body’s critical self-regulatory systems: the endocannabinoid system.


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CBG Side Effects


The side effects of CBG are minimal.

Some consumers report limited sensations of tiredness and drowsiness with a potential loss of appetite.

As with any cannabinoid, you may have reactions that are a result of your body’s chemistry and unique to you.

This is completely natural.

We suggest that you start off slowly and see how your body responds to CBG. 

Increase your CBG dosage as you feel comfortable and stop if you start to see side effects.

Check out this video on how to find the right CBD dosage for you.  Many of the same principles apply to finding your best CBG dosage.


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