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CBD Drug Test Results

After smoking 4 grams of CBD flower in four hours (that’s a lot), participants were drug tested using blood samples, saliva samples, and urine samples. None of the study participants failed their drug test.  While this is a reliable medical study, there are some important nuances that could affect you. Let’s take a deeper look at the results.

  • What exactly happens when chronic hemp smokers get drug tested?
  • Learn how results might vary with oral fluid tests, blood tests, and urine tests

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This guide to what to expect from your CBD drug test is based on the results of a medical study published in the journal of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in 2019.

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Published April 8, 2019




After smoking 4 (one-gram joints of hemp containing 0.16% THC) within four hours, individuals were drug tested for THC using three types of highly sensitive drug tests:

  • saliva
  • blood
  • urine


Drug Test Results


  • None of the drug tests returned a positive result. None of the participants failed the administered drug tests.
  • In fact, none of the test results exceeded 1/5 of the minimum level of THC required to cause a positive drug test result. (1)









This research was conducted on light cannabis:

  • Light cannabis does not exceed 0.2 THC content but CBD content is higher and varies.
  • Light cannabis is a similar product to high CBD hemp strains grown in the U.S.
  • The cannabis cigarettes tested had a THC level of 0.16% THC and 5.8% CBD content. (2)


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Testing Methods


12 participants were drug tested.  Each participant received a saliva test, a blood test, and a urine test for marijuana (THC).

Of the 12 participants, 6 individuals were drug tested after smoking only one cannabis cigarette. Each cannabis cigarette contained 1 gram total of light cannabis with 0.16% THC content and 5.8% CBD content.

The second group of 6 individuals was drug tested after each individual smoked 4 cannabis cigarettes within a 4 hour period. Each cannabis cigarette in this group was 1 gram in total with the same 0.16% THC and 5.8% CBD content as the first group. (3)

Sample collections from either group began a half-hour after the last cannabis joint was smoked.


Drug Test Results: Blood


The highest THC readings for either test group were found in the blood samples. The test results from the blood samples significantly below the minimum threshold for a positive drug test result. (4)


drug test studycbd drug test



Drug Test Results: Urine


For either test group, THC urine concentrations peaked 8 hours after the last cannabis joint was smoked.  THC levels were significantly lower than the minimum threshold for a positive drug test result. (5)


Drug Test Results: Saliva


The researchers concluded that saliva drug testing had similar results to the blood drug testing method. The saliva drug test results showed slightly less THC and CBD than was detectable by the blood drug test. (6)


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Keywords: blood; light cannabis; oral fluid; urine; variable cannabidiol (CBD); Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

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