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Defining CBD culture is the collaborative opportunity of a lifetime.  Prohibition against growing and possessing hemp cannabis in the home has been lifted. Those dark days have left CBD culture—the culture surrounding the plant and its cannabinoids—stunted and warped by antisocial behavior on the part of authorities. That period of time is over.

homemade cbd rolling paper

This period of redefinition belongs to us. How will we define the positive culture of cannabis with our creativity, our compassion, and our aesthetic? What will we make of it? How will we integrate cannabis plants into our lives and homes? What new cultural norms will we set down for others to follow?

homemade cbd rolling paper

In a supremely technological period of human history, this is a decidedly non-technical endeavor that everyone can take part in. Cannabis is an immensely valuable plant. It’s worth your time and energy to get involved.

homemade cbd rolling paper

Start now by commenting some general thoughts in the comment section below. I will be building out this page with increased functionality as ideas start to take shape.


 Video: Creative CBD

CBD Plant Grown In Home Office

 Homemade Rolling Paper

image of home made rolling paper with design

example homemade rolling paper design

 Home Office CBD Grow

one cbd plant growing in home office

example office homegrown CBD setup

Video: Home Office CBD Setup

example office homegrown CBD setup

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